Rail Travel

In our endeavour to be the best luxury transport providers, we also offer assistance in booking rail tickets especially for the deluxe and luxury trains within India


India has the fourth largest train network in the world and the most preferred way of transportation but many do not know that it is not just for easy commute. Some services offered by the Indian Railways cater to people who prefer travelling with extra comfort and amenities. Some of these are:

End-to-End Transportation

With KTC, travel like a Maharaja of erstwhile India. Right from picking you up from your hotel or home in a vintage or a luxury car to the train offering extra luxurious services onboard and finally picking up from the railway station in again a luxury car, we make sure your travel is smooth and comfortable to say the least.

Experience the Essence of India

Whether you have been living in this country for years or visiting it for the first time, you have not seen the hospitality of this country until you take one of these trains. Known to take you back in time, these tours and packages ranging from 3 days to 10 days are the epitome of hospitality and luxury. We make it convenient for you by providing assistance in planning your itinerary and in making the bookings too. Experience the erstwhile India like a true Maharaja and let us wrap you in the richness of the hospitality of this beautiful country.