VIP Delegations


Providing complete transport solutions for VIP delegations since 1943, KTC was formed with the sole aim to provide luxury cars and coach travel in India. Today, after more than 70 years of experience, we have become the masters at not just that, but also at providing complete transport solutions for your delegates.

Complete Transport Solutions

From luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi to the super luxury cars like Rolls Royce, we provide all kinds of cars to cater to the needs of your delegation. Not just that, we also assist in other things like city tours, airport transfers, venue transfers, etc. Moreover, we can also help in hiring chartered and private planes and helicopters for your guests along with taking the necessary landing permissions from the authorities.

Our Hardcore Preparation

We know the importance of events when VIP delegates are involved. Be it taking security clearance for our cars and chauffeurs before the event or doing practice drills to handle both routine and unexpected situations; it's our eye for detail and precision which has made us the most preferred company for luxury travel since 1943.

Leave it to Us

All you need is to tell us the dates and the list of delegates coming. We do the rest. Right from planning the event to making an itinerary of the delegates and taking care of their transportation, our dedicated team of experts for your event will make sure the event is a smooth ride for you and most importantly your delegates. A 24*7 onsite team is dedicated for the delegates until the event is over and we drop your last guest to the airport


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